How to Select The Right Alcohol Rehab For Recovery

Whether you’re just beginning your search for a alcohol rehab facility or are still on the fence about whether you actually need treatment, knowing what to look for can help you avoid spending time and money on an alcohol recovery facility that’s just not right for you. Knowing the principles of successful alcohol recovery can also inspire you to seek assistance from a first-rate alcohol rehab facility. Many alcoholics struggle to accept that they have an addiction, but denial is a symptom of addiction—not proof that you don’t need help. Alcohol Addiction is a Treatable Brain Disease Many alcohol addicts labor under the … Read More >

Does South Ontario Have a Drug & Alcohol Abuse Epidemic

Ontario currently faces an epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse. About 10% of the population currently has a substance abuse problem, and with 85% of Floridians regularly drinking, half using marijuana, and about 20% using a prescription or street drug on a recreational basis, the potential for future addiction truly cannot be overstated. Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex disease, and no single cause can explain every case of addiction. Social, family, interpersonal, and psychological factors all conspire to get and keep users hooked on alcohol and drugs. If you or someone you love is an addict, understanding what causes addiction can … Read More >

Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Ontario: Facts & Stats

Millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and research consistently suggests that Ontario is a hotbed of substance abuse. Ontario ranks among the states with the highest drug and alcohol dependency rates, with about 10% of the population struggling with some form of addiction. If you or someone you love struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s easy to feel alone, and even hopeless. Drug addiction is a disease, not a moral failing or a personal choice. Treatment is possible, and the sooner you seek assistance for your drug or alcohol addiction, the more likely a speedy and full … Read More >

How to Choose the Right Ontario Drug Treatment Center

Every year, thousands of Ontario residents struggle with the pain of drug addiction. Many of these addicts feel alone, scared, and unworthy. Some worry that they’ve done something to deserve their addiction; others are convinced they’re beyond redemption. And some mistakenly believe that their addictive behavior is normal, no cause for concern at all. Drug rehab works, but finding the right Ontario drug treatment center isn’t always easy. If you’re ready to take those first tentative steps toward lasting change, if you’re ready to stop struggling and finally live your life as it was meant to be lived, here’s how to choose … Read More >

What to Do if Your Child is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 35% of teens have used marijuana or another illicit substance. If you’re worried that your teen is addicted to drugs or alcohol, holistic rehab can help your child begin putting the pieces of his or her life back together. For parents, the challenges of getting a child into treatment can feel daunting—especially if you’re still reeling from anger that your child used drugs, or saddened by the betrayal of secrecy that often accompanies adolescent drug use. The right holistic addiction treatment can make the pain of addiction a thing of the past, but … Read More >

The Stages of Drug Addiction Explained

Drug addiction has a way of slowly creeping up on an addict. It can feel like one moment you’re quietly enjoying your life, perhaps indulging in a drug here or there, only to find yourself miserable and addicted in no time at all. But drug addiction isn’t something that happens overnight; the anti-drug propaganda you heard as a child is just not accurate in this regard. Instead, drug addiction sets in slowly. And much like the frog who doesn’t know he’s boiling, it’s easy not to notice your addiction until it’s too late. Understanding the distinct phases of drug addiction can help … Read More >

10 Facts About Prescription Drug Addiction You Need To Know

Prescription drug abuse is the nation’s fastest-growing form of drug addiction, yet many prescription drug abusers refuse to even acknowledge that their addiction is every bit as serious as a heroin or meth addict’s addiction. Prescription drug addiction kills, and the sooner you seek treatment—ideally at an inpatient drug rehab center—the sooner you can regain control over your life and stop endangering your existence. Prescription Drugs Are Addictive Prescription drugs are just as addictive as street drugs—and some evidence suggests they might even be more addictive! 2.4 million Americans are currently addicted to prescription drugs, and that figure is increasing every day. Worse … Read More >

Interventions as a Tool for Overcoming Drug Addiction

The runaway popularity of A&E’s show Intervention has left many people who love an addict with a renewed sense of hope. After all, the thinking goes, if an intervention can work for the addicts on television, it should work for the addicts in our own lives, right? When done correctly, interventions boast incredibly high success rates, even for addicts who have severe addictive disorders. If you’re desperate to get the addict you love into a drug rehab program, an intervention could be the first step on the journey toward overcoming drug addiction. What is an Intervention? An intervention in and of itself … Read More >

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment

About half of all people with a substance abuse problem also have an underlying mental illness. In some cases, the mental illness preceded the addiction, while in others it sprung up during the addiction, or even as a result of prolonged substance abuse. The technical term for co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse is a dual diagnosis, though some treatment providers refer to this phenomenon as a co-occurring disorder. A host of Toronto drug rehab facilities, as well as drug rehabs across the country, offer dual diagnosis treatment. If you have a dual diagnosis, it’s critical to find the right treatment … Read More >

What are Drug & Alcohol Detox Facilities

No one wants to waste endless months of their life in rehab, and many addicts are so protective of their time and resources that they’re not even willing to go to a 12-step meeting. Detox, though, is the necessary and first step on the recovery journey. Detox facilities help you flush the poisons of drugs and alcohol from your body, clearing your mind and freeing you up to begin the hard work of recovery. On their own, detox facilities can’t and won’t treat the disease of addiction, but they can help you make those first steps toward the life you … Read More >

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